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Fresh air system / air purifier warranty policy

The whole machine is guaranteed for 5 years, and the warranty period starts from the date of issuance of the purchase invoice.

Free warranty

1. Free warranty conditions:

Can provide a valid purchase invoice or purchase certificate;

Can provide "iPeson Air Purifier/Fresh Air System Warranty Card"

Must be within the warranty period;

Failure caused by non-human causes;

If a valid purchase certificate and warranty card cannot be provided, the date of purchase shall be calculated according to the date of manufacture on the product certificate.

2. Non-free warranty content:

The user is damaged due to unstable power supply voltage and non-compliance with the national safe electricity standard (AC220V+10%, 50Hz);

Damaged due to improper use by the user or improper storage;

Without "iPeson Air Purifier/Fresh Air System Warranty Card" and valid purchase certificate;

The model and body number on the "iPeson Air Purifier/Fresh Air System Warranty Card" do not match the model and body number on the product specifications of the air purifier being repaired;

The machine does not have a complete label, which includes product model, body number and manufacturer information;

Products beyond the warranty period;

Damage caused by force majeure, such as earthquake, flood, fire, etc.


1. During the warranty period, users who have non-artificial product quality problems during use can enjoy free maintenance and no spare parts fees will be charged;

2. During the warranty period, if you need to replace parts due to non-product quality problems (man-made damage or other causes), you will be charged according to the company's parts price list.

3. After the warranty period, if there is a replacement of parts caused by a product malfunction, the charging standards are as follows:




 Home repair costs

 200 yuan/time

 After-sales service personnel go to the end user’s home to overhaul the product for the user

 Spare parts cost

 Company standard


Charges according to the company’s unified standards, if the fees exceed the company’s standards, the company will impose penalties on the after-sales service points 2000 yuan/time