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Wall-mounted fresh air blower


With the popularization of air-conditioning in the current society, the air in various air-conditioned places is generally polluted, which directly affects people's health.

        In order to improve the air quality in enclosed buildings and save energy, the new generation of high-efficiency wall-mounted fresh air fans produced by our company completely solves people's desire for high air quality in the working and living environment, and at the same time has high energy recovery efficiency; fresh air Energy saving and energy saving are important features of this product. Using this wall-mounted fresh air blower can effectively recover the energy lost in indoor exhaust during ventilation, and save energy to the greatest extent. Very comfortable; the use of wall-mounted fresh air fans in conjunction with air conditioning systems can increase the freshness of indoor air, maintain indoor air temperature and humidity indicators, reduce fresh air load, reduce air conditioning equipment capacity and daily operating costs, so as to achieve air purification and energy saving. purpose.

      This product is suitable for almost all places requiring fresh air, such as offices, conference halls, exhibition halls, theaters, hotels, hospitals, residences, apartments, factories and mines, etc.

Energy-saving ventilation:

It can effectively recover the energy lost due to air exchange and can save air conditioning operating costs.

Save equipment:

Because a large part of the ventilation energy can be recovered, the external air load is greatly reduced, and the air conditioning equipment can be appropriately miniaturized.

Humidity control function:

The outdoor air and indoor exhaust air are exchanged for temperature and humidity, and air is sent to the room with a humidity close to the room.

Comfortable ventilation:

There is little change in the indoor temperature during ventilation, and since the exhaust and supply are performed at the same time, stable ventilation can be achieved in a highly sealed room.


 Product parameters of wall-mounted fresh air fan


Environmental alloy

Rated voltage


Machine weight




Fresh air system type


Ventilation mode

Two-way synchronization/fresh air/exhaust air

Air volume gear

DC24V DC brushless motor

way to control

Panel touch/remote control

Purification level

PM2.5 purification rate> 99%

Harmful gas purification(TVOC)

Circulating ventilation exhaust

Operating mode

Intelligent (adjust the air volume according to the degree of indoor pollution) / manual / timing

Auxiliary heating power


Installation method

No pipe

certified product


Power cord length


Timing function

stand by

Air quality display

stand by

Purification method

Filtering/physical interception and circulating air purification

HEPA filter rating

H13 (purification efficiency: PM2.5>99.97%, PM0.3>99.3%)

Filter update reminder

stand by

Sleep mode

stand by

Automatic mode

stand by

Fresh air system pipe diameter


Use environment

Temperature: -20℃+60℃ Humidity: 5%-95%

Extremely cold use design

Internal insulation layer + fresh air intermittent work

Wall-mounted fresh air fan user manual:

In order to prevent injury to users and other personnel, please be sure to observe the following regulations:

△Use note box top

It cannot be used for the ventilation of open burning appliances (such as oil heating furnace, etc.);

Do not operate the switch with wet hands, otherwise it will easily cause the danger of electric shock;

Do not use flammable sprayer near the host, otherwise it may cause fire and other dangers;

When abnormal (burnt smell), stop the operation and turn off the special circuit breaker (OFF);

It must be used in accordance with the rated voltage, otherwise it may cause fire or electric shock;

It should be fully recognized for special purposes.

When flammable gas leaks, open the window for ventilation, and do not open the motor unit, otherwise it may cause explosion and other dangers;

Do not place the burning appliance in a position where the air outlet of the main engine blows directly;

Do not insert fingers or sticks into the suction or exhaust vents;

Do not repeat the switch quickly, otherwise it is easy to cause misoperation and cause electrical failure;

When not in use for a long time, please turn off the dedicated circuit breaker for safety;

Do not place an open water container on the unit;

Never modify, disassemble or repair by yourself. Improper operation may cause electric shock and other dangers.