1. Do not attempt to repair or debug any electrical or mechanical functions of the air purifier by yourself. For repairs, please contact your local dealer or call our customer service hotline 0769-81191988

2. Children are prohibited from playing or using machines to prevent accidents.

3. It is forbidden to use it in the bathroom and other places with high temperature, humidity and water, otherwise it will easily cause electric leakage, electric shock, fire and other dangers.

4. It is prohibited to use air purifiers, such as oxygen tanks, electric heaters, ovens, fireplaces, etc., in places where there are combustible substances, fire or heat sources.

5. It is forbidden to let foreign objects enter the air outlet or affect the ventilation, because this may cause electric shock or damage the machine.

6. It is forbidden to use it as a ventilating fan in a place with oily smoke such as a kitchen, otherwise it will cause damage to the machine.

7. It is forbidden to use insecticide spray when the machine is running. After using the insecticide, let the indoor air fully circulate, otherwise it will accumulate pharmaceutical ingredients inside the machine, which is harmful to human health.

8. It is forbidden to wipe with alcohol or organic solvent, otherwise it will damage the product or cause injury or fire due to electric shock.

9. In order to reduce the possibility and danger of electric shock, please cut off the power when filling water, cleaning and replacing the filter.

10. Do not touch the power plug with wet hands, which may cause electric shock.

11. It is forbidden to use AC power that does not conform to the specifications. Using a power supply that exceeds the specifications may damage the product or cause harm. For example, 115V products cannot be used on 220V power supply, the power board will be burned out.

12. It is forbidden to use damaged plugs and loose sockets. Otherwise, the plugs that are not fully inserted may heat up and cause a fire.

13. When not using the machine for a long time, please unplug the plug, otherwise electric shock due to aging of the insulation layer, or fire due to leakage may occur.